Young Car Mechanic is an international competition for students of secondary technical schools. It’s main goal is to popularize the profession of a car mechanic among young people, to exchange experience and teaching practices and to find young talents in the field of vehicle mechanics.

In 2019, the European edition of the Young Car Mechanic competition will be attended by students who won the national finals of Young Car Mechanic in their native countries: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria Hungary, Croatia and Ukraine.

We encourage you to compete at the national stages of the competition and look at the profession of a car mechanic and its education from a completely new perspective. Prizes are waiting for the winners! 

Below you can see the finals in 2019:

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  • Register school

    Register your school by filling in the form with all the data necessary to verify the participation of the given school in the competition. 

    In Poland, at the national stage, are involved only students from technical schools that have joined the program Young Staff of Inter Cars.

    Within a few days of the registration we will send you an e-mail confirming the registration of the school in the Young Car Mechanic qualifier.


  • National stages

    The competition will be divided into four stages.

    The first, second and third stage of the competition will take place in the native countries of the participant. Stage IV - the international finals will be organized in Poland.

    Thefirst stagewill be completed until the end of January, 2019 in the form of a written test, carried out at the level of each school entered for the competition. During this stage, a minimum of 2 best students will be appointed from each school.

    The second stagewill be held until March 15, 2019. The winners of the first stage will compete in a written test. The top 10 students from each country will join the third stage of the competition - the National Finals.

    The third stage- the National Finals will consist in the performance of practical tasks and will be held until April 30, 2019.

    Three winners of the Young Car Mechanic competition – the winners of the national finals from each country participating in the competition, will go to the fourth stage - the International Finals.

  • International final

    The invitation to participate in the great International Finals will be awarded to 3 Young Mechanics who will get the best scores during the national finals. At the last, international stage of the competition, they will meet their competitors from other countries. Everyone will solve practical tasks on cars and training models.

    The scope of subjects at each stage of the competition and in the great finals includes:

    • • engine 
    • • power supply systems 
    • • drive system 
    • • vehicle suspension and geometry 
    • • brake system 
    • • steering system 
    • • supporting systems 
    • • active and passive safety systems 
    • • diagnosis of motor vehicles 
    • • tires and TPMS 

    The International Finals will take place in Poland on May 25 & 26, 2019 and will involve practical tasks. The final of the Competition will be held in the native languages of the participants - the organizer, i.e. Inter Cars will provide the assistance of translators.

  • News

Polish Final 12 April 2019 - the Mechanical Schools, Center for Practical Training No. 2 in Bialystok

The European Final 25 - 26 May 2019, Poland - the Inter Cars Training Center, in Cząstków Mazowiecki


The total prize for the Top Three finalists in the International Stage of the Young Car Mechanics Contest 2019 is 100 000 PLN . Additionally, all the finalists of the International Stage of the Contest, will be invited to visit the Elring Factory in Stuttgart, Porsche Museum. There will be also some extra attractions provided during the trip.